Educational Psychology:Does the School Environment have any bearing on Academic and intellectual performance of students?

Chapter Six

Individual Differences in Learning 

6b ii). Examine the impact that the school environment has on the Academic and  Intellectual achievement of learners.

The School Environment 

The schools differ just like the homes. Some schools were more enriched than others and therefore providing varying experiences. Like the homes, the schools are made up of physical resources and human resources.

The physical resources constitute the buildings and the facilities. Some of the school could provide a stimulative environment for the intellectual development of learners while others remain non-stimulative. Issues of concern as mentioned earlier are adequacy, appropriateness, and security of school facilities. There are those schools, which are lacking in these things and those that are overflowing with them as it were.

Equally important is the issue of human resources mainly the teaching staff and the support staff. Like we have said about the home, the attitudes held by the teachers and the school administration regarding their pupils are very important in determining academic excellence or failure. I am sure you have seen schools where nothing that one would ask for in term of facilities is lacking but when you examine the pupils’ performance you are faced by appalling results. Other schools exist where resources are limited but the results excellent. This goes to show that the goodwill of the teachers their positive attitudes towards their work and towards learners may hold the key to whether learners will succeed academically or fail dismally.


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