Curriculum Development: How was the teacher education curriculum organized in Kenya?

7a iv). Analyze how the teacher education curriculum was organized in Kenya



Organization of Teacher Education Curriculum

How was Teacher Education Curriculum Organized in the Period Discussed?

The initial curriculum in primary teacher education is organized around 14 subject areas. This  organization  has  not  changed  much  in  the  present  period. The following organization is used:

Professional Studies: the syllabus is divided into four major section areas:

  1. Foundations of Education
  2. Curriculum Studies
  3. Educational Administration
  4. Educational Psychology.

It was compulsory for a student to pass a written examination in all these areas in addition to practical teaching. Failure in Practical Teaching meant that one had failed the entire course, even if performance in thirteen other areas was excellent. This rule was later changed in order to give a student a second chance to be re-assessed up to two times re-assessment in the Teaching Practice which takes place after the final results have been announced.

  • The Languages: either English of Kiswahili has to be passed in order to be awarded a certificate
  • The Science: this includes general Science and Agriculture. Again a student is expected to pass in anyone of them for the purpose of certification.
  • The Social Science: this area comprises of History, Geography and Christian Religious Education as well as Islamic Religious Education. Only students who are Muslims take Islamic Religious Education
  • The Creative Arts Area: this area has the largest combination of subjects. It includes Arts and Crafts, Music, Health Education and Physical Education, Domestic Science. A pass in this area is also necessary for the purpose of certification.
  • Mathematics remaines separate and independent area of study by all students. It is a compulsory requirement for certification.

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