Curriculum Development: What are some of the goals of primary teacher education?

7a ii). Discuss some of the goals of primary teacher education



Pre-Service Teacher Education Primary

Goals of primary teacher education as contained in various government documents are as follows:

  • To develop the basic theoretical and practical knowledge about the teaching professions so that the teachers’ attitude and ability can be turned towards professional commitment and competence.
  • To develop in the teacher the ability to communicate effectively.
  • Bearing in mind the child as the centre for education, teacher education should prepare teachers who can:-
      1. Provide suitable learning opportunities
      2. Develop the child’s communication skills
      3. Develop individual child’s potential abilities to their maximum efforts through a variety of creative learning experience
      4. Develop a child’s sense of citizenship and national attitude
      5. Develop the child’s ability in critical and imaginative thinking, problem solving and self-expression
      6. Develop positive attitudes to the moral and religious values of the community
  • To create a national consciousness for educational excellence in every teacher.
  • To provide opportunities to develop special interests and skills and to promote initiative in the teacher.
  • To develop in the teacher the ability to adapt to change and new situations.
  • To develop an awareness and appreciation of innovation in the field of education and an ability to utilize them
  • To develop an awareness of the principles and use these in their dealings with children and their community
  • To promote national unity, national development and social equality
  • To foster in the teacher an appreciation and respect for our rich and varied cultural heritage.

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