Curriculum Development: What are the various types of core curriculum design?


5b iii). Describe the various types of core curriculum design

Types of Core Curriculum Design

Many types of core-curriculum design are recognized in the literature on education. Most of these designs tend to appear like the other designs discussed elsewhere in this literature. If you can look back at the characteristics of core-curriculum design, it will help you to perceive the great differences that exist between the pure-curriculum design and other curriculum designs discussed.

The following types of core-curriculum design are commonly found in our schools and college curriculum in Kenya.

Type One: Separate subjects may be taught separately with little or no effort to relate them to each other e.g. Mathematics, Science Languages, Humanities, may be taught as unrelated core-subjects in high schools.

Type Two: Two or more subjects may be correlated. For instance topics in History, Geography and Economics may be able to see their relationship e.g. a topic on energy  can easily be taught in this way.

History: Discovery and use of oil as a form of energy. Discovery and use of oil as a form of energy by man.

Other forms of energy that have been used in the past. Geography Forms of Energy.

    1. Use and conservation of energy by man
    2. Where oil is mined in the world
    3. Importance of oil in world trade
    4. Production of cheap forms of energy for man’s use
    5. Linkage of oil production to a nation’s development

      Type Three

The fused-core is based on the overall integration of or more subjects:

  1. History, Geography, Economics, Sociology and Anthropology may be combined and taught as social studies.
  2. Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology may be taught as general science
  3. Environmental Education Studies – some colleges in other parts of Africa have introduced this core-curriculum as a component of the entire curriculum.

Activity 20

  1. In your own words, state what the concept core-curriculum means.
  2. State three characteristics of a core-curriculum design
  3. Write three examples of core-curriculum designs. If you can, give examples from the school where you teach.

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