CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT: What do we mean by the term “Curriculum Development”?



2 a i). Analyze the role played by education and curriculum in the teaching process


A process is the flow of an activity from the initial stage to the end stage without repetition. Curriculum process undergoes systematic stages of development.

Purpose of Education and Curriculum

The main purpose of education is to socialize an individual among peer groups. Without a community and group, life and socialization of an individual would have very little meaning. From the beginning of human society, the main objective of education has  been that of transmitting to the child the accumulated experiences of his people and their culture as well as of training him to fit into the membership of the group. It was through this background that the society has managed to survive and gain increasing knowledge over all forms of human institutions: governance, rituals, survival etc.

Curriculum, on the other hand, was prompted during the World Wars, especially the 1st World War (1918) when Franklin Bobbat published a book called “the Curriculum” to provide a course of operations on the war and its derived outcomes. This period was marked by industrial and technological development. There was need to design programmes of activity or events which had a profound effect on the social, economic and political life of people. Curriculum, as seen now, is to create a situation of social activity- based on development of the people.

Functions of Education and Curriculum

  • Education provides knowledge, desired attitudes, and practical skills to individuals.
  • Education matures an individual for a sense of responsibility, accountability, and service to the society.
  • Education trains an individual for self-discipline, self-appraisal and sense of humour for self-reliance.
  • Education provides ways and means of recognizing the environment and its ecological content for use in survival trends.
  • Education also leads to corporate efforts at societal, national and global levels of human existence
  • Curriculum is a blue print of education in systematically stated terms
  • Curriculum offers guidance, knowledge, attitude and skill content for schooling and training
  • Curriculum directs the society through a school system to identify values, knowledge and life instruments for survival.
  • Curriculum organizes man into patterns of life type as organization fraternities and expressions



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