Curriculum Development: What is the perception of in-service teacher education in our society today?

7b i). Analyze the perception of in-service teacher education in our society today.



In service Teacher Education

In-service education is not a new term in our educational system. The term has been used in many ways to refer to almost the same things in education. In this lecture we shall attempt to discuss what the term in-service education entails, its purposes and reasons why teachers choose to be involved in some forms of in-service education programmes commonly organized and known to teachers will be examined.

What is In-Service Education?

A lot of confusion exists in the minds of many educators and the teaching profession in general, when the term in-service education is defined. There are two stages of teacher education are in practice at the present time. First, is what we often refer to as pre-  service education and takes place in residence in a college or University before a teacher is appointed to his first post or employed and registered by the Teachers Service Commission. Second is the in-service education and may be taken any time while the teacher is already trained and qualified who are also professionally employed. It may  also be arranged for untrained teachers who have been recruited by T.S.C and registered to teach in public schools. The present growth of in-service education practice in the teaching profession is historical. First, is the fact that knowledge continues to expand in the present world at a much greater rate than before. Days when a teacher could be contented with a bank of knowledge which he would find adequate to sustain him throughout his teaching career have ended. Whatever knowledge a teacher acquires during his initial training may not still be satisfactory in ten or fifteen years later. New knowledge keeps coming up through research and technology. A teacher faces great challenges now than what was experienced before. It must be admitted in this lecture that in-service education is an essential element and condition for all members of the public employed to teach in schools. This condition should apply to both the pre-service or trained and the untrained teachers. There are at present more than 30,000 untrained teachers employed to teach in schools in Kenya.

Activity 28

What are the main purposes of in-service education?

All kinds of in-service education undertaken by teachers reveal various purposes. Education administrators who organize and provide chances for in-service education are well aware of the purposes discussed here. The teachers who choose to enroll in various in- service education courses are also made aware of the purposes. Some of the purposes of In-service education may be found to overlap.


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