Curriculum Development: What is the place of evaluation in curriculum development?

8a i). Examine the place of evaluation in curriculum development




Let us start this lecture by defining the term evaluation. We shall then discuss reasons why evaluation is undertaken. Phases of curriculum evaluation will be examined briefly since they are covered in details in another lecture. You are advised to go through this lecture noting carefully all areas which will enable you to follow and grasp a detailed discussion on evaluation.

Evaluation in the content of education is a process used to obtain information fromtesting, from direct observation of behaviour, from essays and from other devices to assess a students overall progress towards some predetermined goals or subjects. It includes both a qualitative and quantitative description and involves a value judgement of overall student behavior for decision making.

What is Evaluation?

Evaluation and measurement are not the same, although evaluation involves measurement. Ifwe assess a student’s knowledge and understanding in a subject  by means of an objective or essay type test, that is measurement. If a teacher puts a value on the student’s work, talents, attitudes and other characteristics of behaviour that is evaluation. Evaluation should in part involve testing that is non-subjective on the part of the teacher, otherwise it is likely to be unreliable.

Assessment is used intechangeably with evaluation. Testing is the process of using an instrument or test to measure achievement. Measurement and testing are thus ways of gathering evaluation and assessment data.

Activity 30

Distinguish between evaluation, measurement and testing. Why do we have to evaluate?



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