CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT: What is the place of implementation of the curriculum in the teaching-learning process?



2a iv). Examine the place of implementation of the curriculum in the teaching-learning process.


Implementation of the new curriculum should only be attempted by the institutions (schools) in which the right conditions prevail. These are the schools and colleges for which satisfactory arrangements can be made for inservicing of teachers, purchase of adequate materials, teaching and learning resource for which the necessary physical facilities can be provided.

Implementation can hardly take place uniformly across the country or geographical area concerned. The schools should be grouped together according to their degree of  readiness and implement the curriculum accordingly.

In summary form there are nine sub processes of implementation stages to be followed; (Oluoch, 1982).

  • Persuading a variety of people to accept the new curriculum.
  • Keeping the general public informed.
  • Educating the teachers.
  • Educating the teacher educators.
  • Provision of necessary facilities.
  • Supply of materials and equipment.
  • The actual presentation of the new curriculum
  • Institutionalization of appropriate student assessment procedures.
  • Provision of continuous support for the teachers.
  • Project evaluation.

Activity 5

  1. Discuss reasons why general public should be informed.
  2. How should actual presentation of curriculum be conducted and where?

It is vital that curriculum development projects be evaluated as they are planned and as they are executed (formative) and after they are completed (summative).


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