Curriculum Development:What are some of the advantages of Subject-Centered Design?



5a ii). Discuss the advantages of Subject-Centered Design.

Subject-Centered Design


  • It is possible and desirable to determine in advance what all children will learn in various subjects and grades (classes). For instance syllabus for all schools in Kenya are prepared and approved centrally at the K.I.E for Ministry of Education Science and Technology – The Kenya National Examinations Council is also involved. All the syllabuses are then sent to all the schools in the country irrespective of geographical position, status, resources, manpower available and cultural variations. It is expected that teachers prepare students based on the same syllabus. Students in all the schools cover the same among of content in various subjects sat at the end of every level of education (primary, secondary levels). Students sit for the same examination to determine whether they have covered the amount of content expected of them.
  • It is feasible and necessary to determine minimum standards of performance and achievement for the knowledge specified in the subject area.
  • Almost all textbooks and support materials present on the educational market are organized on subject-by-subject format.
  • Also tradition seems to give the design greater support. People have become familiar and more comfortable with this design and seem to view it as part of the system of the school and education as whole.
  • The subject centred curriculum is better understood by teachers because their training was based on this method as specialization.
  • The advocates of the subject-centred design have argued that intellectual powers of individual learners can be developed through this approach.
  • Curriculum planning is easier and simpler in the subject centred curriculum design. Imagine the period of planning, developing and implementing the curriculum. Also imagine what goes in your first staff meeting when every teacher is to be allocated his/her teaching load for the year and how this should be plotted on the daily school time-table. It is simply and easily achieved at a short time.



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