PHILOSOPHICAL AND SOCIOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS OF EDUCATION: Can you explain the Kenya’s philosophy of education?



2a ii).Explain Kenya’s philosophy of education

Kenya’s philosophy of education

The philosophy of education in Kenya is based on our national philosophy. Educational philosophy appreciates the rationale underlying the objectives emanating from the national philosophy to seek the ultimate reasons that justify the practice of education. The translation of national philosophy into educational philosophy is realized through the country’s system of education. Educational philosophy is always in a consonance with the national philosophy in order for education to fulfill the objectives of national philosophy and to contribute towards national development.

According to Kenya’s philosophy of education, the system of education should:

  • Equal opportunities. Kenya’s philosophy of education stresses the need to develop an egalitarian society by availing equal educational opportunities to every Kenyan regardless of race, sex or creed.
  • Inculcate values. Kenya’s national philosophy of education reminds teachers and managers that education should inculcate cultural, social, economic and political values.
  • Development of an individual. According to the philosophy, education should develop an individual who is committed to national, political and democratic values.
  • United nation. Kenya’s philosophy of education says that education should create a nation united in purpose.
  • Removal of social injustice. Education should remove social injustice and disparities between sexes, regions, social and economic groups.
  • Education should prepare and re-orientate the youth to realize and practice the norms and values of the society.

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