PHILOSOPHICAL AND SOCIOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS OF EDUCATION: How can we develop children’s morals in the classroom?



4a iv). State several methodologies that can be followed to ensure that children develop good morals in the classroom.

Development of Morals

How can we develop children’s morals?

  • Telling children what they should do and not do. Children should be told not only what they should not do but also what they should do. When we tell children only what they should not do they don’t know what they are supposed to do. A list of prohibitions is not good enough for children.
  • Provide good models. With ones own life as the standard of value, morality is not a burden to bear, a prudent and effective guide, which furthers life and success.
  • Telling stories.
  • Singing songs.
  • Reading storybooks.

The components of ethics are concerned with moral standards, conduct, values and principles.

 Importance of teaching children ethics

  • Children need knowledge about ethics. Our children are growing without ethics.
  • Need to learn how to behave. Ethics helps children to learn how to behave so that they can be acceptable members of their society.
  • To help them to understand their duties like taking care of the environment.
  • To learn to make priorities. Ethics helps children to learn to weigh situations both positive and negative.
  • Learn to make right decisions. This is because ethics is the study of good or bad, right or wrong.
  • Character development. Children will develop important character traits like honesty, love, and tolerance.
  • Develop God fearing people. Ethics help children to learn to fear God.
  • To develop a good society. Children are members of a society. Good children will mean good members of a society.

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