PHILOSOPHICAL AND SOCIOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS OF EDUCATION: What are some of the various approaches used in teaching to inculcate positive values in children?



8a iii). Describe some of the various approaches used in teaching to inculcate positive values in children.

8.6  Inculcation of values.

         There are different ways of inculcating values.

  • Direct approach.

Direct approach means teaching values directly to children. Efforts are made cautiously to teach different values to children.

  • Indirect approach. Indirect approach of teaching children values is more effective. Indirect approach means making the values part of the school programme or home. Teachers teach the values by example.
  • Informal and Formal Approach.

When the learners are taught about different values by using formal ways, it may not have greater effect. Material in books is taught with the motive of teaching certain values. Media for example television, newspapers are used to inculcate different values. The learner is unaware of the values. Chen the learner reads books with values they learn the values. This type of learning is of greater value and lasts longer.

  • Curricular and co-curricular.

According to curricular approach, the curriculum is used to inculcate different values to the learners. Values are integrated into the syllabus. Different co-curricular activities are organized for example poems and dramatizing competitions are organized with the objective inculcating different values in children and youth young people. Social services activities, physical exercises, games and sports may also be organized like that in Marakwet.

    • Reading story books. They should contain stories with moral lessons.
    • Giving rewards to deserving children.
    • Lectures based on moral values.
    • Teaching by example. Provide good models.
    • Use of appropriate instruction media to inculcate morals. E.g. films, televisions, newspapers.
    • Use of drama.
    • Value oriented education should be made compulsory in all schools.
    • Using morning assembly to inculcate values.


8.6 Summary

8.7 Suggestions for further reading.



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