PHILOSOPHICAL AND SOCIOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS OF EDUCATION: What does sociology mean and what role does it play in the teaching process?



7a i). Define sociology and the role it plays in the teaching process.

7.1 Introduction

7.2 Unit Objectives

By the end of this lecture you should be able to:

  • Define sociology.
  • Describe the branches of sociology.
  • State the purpose of educational sociology
  • Define society
  • Define culture.
  • State the elements of culture

7.3 Meaning of Sociology

  • The term sociology consists of two words: “Societus” a latin word which means companion or “associate” and “lagos” which means study or science. Thus sociology means the study of society.
  • Max Weber defined sociology as a science which interprets social behaviour with the aim of arriving at a casual explanation of human behaviour.

7.4  Branches of Sociology

     Educational sociology.

     It is one of the branches of sociology. It is the study of the relationship between education and society. Educational sociology applies sociological principles in education.

     Purpose of Educational Sociology

  • To study the prevailing social environment.
  • To study the fundamental educational problems in the light of social environment.
  • To socialize an individual.
  • To link curriculum to the society of the child.
  • To study the social structure.
  • To give sociological interpretations of educational problems.

     Functions of Education from sociological perspective

  • To help a child to grow and develop.
  • To make the child creative.
  • To socialize the child or modify the behaviour of the child.

     Educational Sociology and different aspects of education

    Educational Sociology and Curriculum

  • According to educational sociology, the needs of the child and the society should be kept in mind while developing curriculum.
  • Curriculum should be flexible.
  • Curriculum should be progressive.
  • Curriculum should be community centred.
  • Helps teachers to understand the society.
  • Defines the roles of the teacher in the society for example agent of social change.
  • Helps the teacher to understand the needs of the society.

     Educational Sociology and methods of teaching

  • Project method.
  • Problem solving.
  • Discussion method



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