PHILOSOPHICAL AND SOCIOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS OF EDUCATION: What impact does erosion of values bear to the dispensation of education and how can it be remedied?



8a ii). Provide an analysis of the phenomenon that is the erosion of values and how it can be detected and possibly remedied.

8.5  Erosion of values

Values enable children to grow and develop well. Without values, there will be no holistic development of children. Values make children important and valuable. The problems in our society are signs that values are eroding. When we compare the present life situations in Kenya with the ones of the past, it is very sad experience. Everyone agrees that values have and are eroding. There is evidence of erosion of values in every aspect of our society. Different scenes also suggest indicates that values have eroded or are eroding. The scenes include home scene, educational scene, social scene, religious scene and political scene. We see injustice, abuse of human rights, misuse of power, and plunder. Because of erosion of in our society the majority of people in Kenya is living below the poverty line and is struggling to survive. There is a crisis of character in our schools and institutions of high learning. Everywhere there is also a sense of frustration and gloom. Majority of our people are poor. Many people are unhappy and frustrated.

Why are values eroding? Erosion of values starts in the family. The erosion of values in Kenya is because of erosion of values in the Kenyan families. Erosion of values does not start at the community level or national level. It starts at home. This is because good families make a good society or nation. Corrupt families will make a good society or home. If our nation is corrupt or bad it means that our families are also bad.

Many are asking why values are values eroding in social groups. To get the answer we must consider everything and review everything with the motive of setting everything right.

Erosion of values is discernible in the following different scenes.

     i)   Educational scene.

The educational scene can be seen in schools, colleges and universities.

Forms of erosion of values in educational scene:

  • Strikes
  • Burning of schools.
  • Cheating in examinations.
  • Drinking of alcohol.
  • Drug abuse.
  • Fighting among students.
  • Immorality.
  • Corruption
  • Selfishness on the part of teachers is seen.
  • Lack of self- discipline
  • Students not working hard
  • Dishonesty.
  • Disobedience is spreading all around.

All this is a sign of deteriorating values. The educational institutions are meant for the betterment of individual consequently the society, but instead they are helping in creating a bad social environment.

        ii)    Political scene.  

The political parties and groups in Kenya have set many bad examples by showing erosion of values before the public. All types of quarrels among the different political parties, first verbal and then physical are seen by the public. With the advancement of science and technology, the use of television reveals what is going on in different parts of Kenya. This type of activities adversely affects children.

          Forms of erosion of values in the political scene:

  • The political leaders exploit the masses to achieve their own narrow selfish ends.
  • The political leaders lack code of conduct
  • Politicians engage in corruption.
  • The leaders keep their vested interests in the fore front and national interests are ignored.
  • There is lack of true and leadership.
  • Lawlessness on the increase in our society.


         iii)  Home scene

Forms or erosion of values:

  • Quarrels between parents and between the different members of the family
  • Disintegration of home or families.
  • Lack respect for parent. Children not respecting parental authority..
  • Selfishness is spreading.
  • Disobedience
  • Parents have lost sight of their responsibilities.
  • Disappearance of love.

   iv)   Religious institutions.

Religious institution has also gone down in moral standards to a great extent.

Forms of erosion of values:

  • Politics has entered into these organizations.
  • Give and take relationship has become the basis in matters of service rendered by the religious organizations.
  • Lack of love in religious organizations.
  • People fighting in church.
  • Stealing church money.
  • Corruption.
  • Child trafficking.    

v)   Social Scene         

Forms of erosion of values

  • Dumping of infants.
  • Robbery at daylight.
  • Stealing of children.
  • Tribal conflicts.
  • Land conflicts.
  • Terrorism.
  • Diseases like HIV AIDS.
  • Shortage of food.

vi)   Economic Scene

          Forms of erosion of values

  • Majority of people living under poverty line.
  • Closing down of factories and businesses.
  • Lose of jobs.
  • Cheating.

  vi)   Environmental Scene

          Forms of erosion of values

  • Grapping of land.
  • Cutting down of forests like the Mau forest and Karura forest.
  • Poor people invading forests.
  • Pollution of rivers and lakes. Dumping of waste in rivers and lakes.
  • Air pollution.

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