PHILOSOPHICAL AND SOCIOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS OF EDUCATION: What is the role of family in curriculum development?



9a ii). Examine the role of family in curriculum development.


A society consists of families. Before children learn about their community, they will learn about family. Family provides rich learning opportunities.

Family theme in a curriculum is very important because it contributes to the development of children’s self –esteem. Family helps children to acquire information about their families and develops understanding of families of other children. It socializes children and contributes to their holistic development. The role of teachers is to help children to make comparisons, note similarities and differences, and organize information.

Some of the important topics in family are:

Role family in ECDE  

Home is the foundation of a society. A home is a very important agency of education. A home makes members of a family what they are. A good home produces good members. The well being and prosperity of a society depends upon home influences. Every home has rules. Parents should administer the home rules in wisdom and love and not with a rod of iron. Children will respond with willing obedience to the rule of love. Parents should make children’s lives happy. Children need not only reproof and correction but also encouragement.

.Functions of a family

A family plays the following functions:

  • Provides affection. It is one of the basic needs of children. According to pestalozzi, “A home is a centre of love and affection, is the best place for education and the first school for he child.” Parents should teach children to respect themselves and to love God. They should also tech children to respect and obey God’s laws.
  • Socializing the child. Children learn from elders. Home is an agent of socialization. Home makes a child social being. Home modifies a child’s behaviour
  • Teaches morals. Morality is a guide to living. It guides people in a society on how to live. Morality helps people to know what to do. A person may use trial and error or follow morality. Morality helps a person to choose rationally among values. Values are standards of behaviour. Elders teach children morals.
  • Imparts education. Education of a child starts at home. Schools continue from where the home has reached.
  • Recreates. It is important for proper growth and development of children. The home provides recreation facilities.
  • Facilitates children’ development. Parents should ensure that home environment is conducive for growth and development of children. Home environment should facilitate the growth and development of children.



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