4.3 History of Education:What are the contributions of Egyptian Education to Human Civilization?

Chapter 4

4a iii). Explain the contribution of Egyptian Education to Human Civilization

Contribution of Egyptian Education to Human Civilization

The Egyptian educational achievements and contributions to human civilization are many. In art, modern painting and sculpture borrowed much from Egyptian models. In architecture, Egyptians were the first to successfully use mass with stone in copying the massive desert cliffs and mountains to build the pyramids, are of the enduring wonders of the world. In literature, the Egyptians used proverbs, similes, aphorisms, etc, to teach moral conduct, methods that are in extensive use in today’s teaching. In mathematics, the Egyptian method of multiplication was until recently used in Eastern Europe and Asia. In medicine,  the  Egyptians had knowledge of physiology, surgery and blood circulation, and are the originators of the Hippocratic oath.

In writing, the Egyptians developed hieroglyphics and invented the earliest known writing materials. “Paper: is an abbreviation of “papyrus”, which was a plant cultivated in Egypt and used for writing.

However, there are critics of Egyptian citizens who argue that these achievements were not built upon due to the stagnation and decline that followed the end of the old Kingdom. That as it may be, but the foundations of modern western world developments in science and technology in ancient Egypt civilization are not in dispute.


In this lesson, we have learned that the ancient Egyptian educational system sprang out of the agricultural activities around the River Nile; that Egyptian education was highly religious; utilitarian, class and gender-based; and has had a rich legacy for modern education.

Note: The contributions of Egyptian education to modern education are relatively easy to identify because of their civilization was recorded in written or graphic form. This was not always the case with other civilizations with no records.

Question: What evidence do we have that Egyptian civilization existed and influenced the course of human civilization?

Activity:  Identify six ways in which Egyptian education has influenced modern education.


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