4.6 Comparative Education: What are the areas that effective teachers need to be trained in?


4.6 Outline the areas that effective teachers need to be trained .


ªFrom the fore going an effective teacher should share responsibility. They should not be overly possessive or need complete control of the children and environment. They should allow students both responsibility and freedom within the classroom community. Both the teacher and the students need to contribute to the learning environment for a relationship of closeness and acceptance to develop.

ªSecondly the teachers need to have the attitude of sensitivity to diversity. This attitude deals with  empathy  and  the  importance  of  understanding  the  students.  The  teachers  should  be sensitive, accept and encourage students when dealing with issues associated with diversity of the children. An effective teacher understands their students without analyzing or judging. Teachers have the ability to make each child feel special by verbally sharing individual compliments in front of the class. This was further supported by Zeichner (1993) who identified sixteen key elements of effective teacher education for diversity. Among them were:-Instruction by an effective teacher are embedded in a group setting provides both intellectual challenge and social support; The teacher education curriculum should give much attention to social cultural research knowledge about the relationship among languages, culture and learning; Teacher education curriculum should address the histories and contribution of various ethno cultural groups. Teacher training programmes need to provide teachers candidates with knowledge and experiences with diversity, including cultural diversity. They need to take the initiative to fully understand   the   meaning   and   future   implication   of   effectively   working   in   culturally heterogeneous classroom.

ªThe teacher should foster individualized instruction. They should be embedded in a constructivist model where the teacher believes that every child can and will learn. They should stress on individual strengths and talents held by the students by encouraging positive self- confidence and self-esteem. The teacher should stimulate the student creativity by listening to their ideas and suggestions for the lessons and activities. The effective teachers are open to students’ ways of being imaginative and also utilize many approaches to learning. They need to motivate and design lessons that consider students’ interest, skills and needs. They need to capitalize on student intrinsic motivation, cognitive learning styles and skill levels.

ªAn effective teacher should be equipped with Information and communication technology (ICT) skills. The new ICT offers powerful tools that demand new skills and understanding of the students. They provide new ways of engaging the students especially when power point and interactive white boards are used in capturing the attention of students in the classroom. An effective teacher is expected to learn and be able to use ICT in their teaching process by employing technologies in combination rather than as a sole delivery mechanism. They can use radio, print, recorded audio and video, broadcast radio and television and audio conferencing technologies. Comparatively technologies have been used in combination in the Open University in the United Kingdom established in 1969 and in Indira Gandhi National Open University in India.In developing countries there is a cute shortage of books and ICT can be used to solve the problem of text books by accessing teaching materials.


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