4.8 Comparative Education: Why should we integrate ICT in education?


4.8 Explain why we should integrate ICT in education

Why should we integrate ICT in education?

  1. To meet/match global trends. The world has become increasingly interconnected, as a result of the application of technologies to all sectors of development.   Hence there is need  to  reconceptualise  and  restructure  education  so  as  to  confront  the  technical challenges of this millennium(Toure:2008)
  2. To respond to present and future needs of people functioning in an intensely changing and challenging intellectual environment
  3. To educate  by  giving  an  appreciation  of  the  scope  and  purpose  of  education  for development and for a sustainable future
  4. To relate sustainable development to the school curriculum
  5. To gain skills using a wide range of interactive and learner centered teaching and learning strategies
  6. As an extra, rich and varied source of information for knowledge and comparison. It provides information and enriches critical thinking about emerging concepts of a sustainable development and future.
  7. As an additional and alternative source of professional development
  8. To match the rapid changes and expansion society faces in the way people acquire knowledge. Thus new teaching paradigms are acquired. those that tune educational systems to modern times and ensure quality training for large number of persons
  9. Use of ICT reduces class size as well as mitigate on staffing problems
  10. To shift from didactic “instructionism” to constructivism
  11. To enrich content and provide information in non –print modes thus varying teaching modes and developing experimental learner –centered learning strategies that encourage learners to:
  •  Analyze and interpret information in various forms such as texts,             tables, diagrams and linked web site
  •   Apply  ideas  they  develop  to  their  own  curriculum and  teaching  and  learning contexts and practices
  • Use navigational tools which facilitate choice of content-focus and sequence of their learning activities by providing multiple access points to information as well as multiple sources of information.



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